IT solution providers

The L-DIH matches companies implementing digitalisation processes with external expertise that can help them define their digitalisation strategies, implement digital technologies and train their staff and management in digital skills. We offer IT solution providers with the right expertise an excellent opportunity to present your offering to potential industrial partners and clients in Luxembourg and other European countries.

The L-DIH offers you an opportunity to:

  • Increase your client portfolio on the national and European level
  • Get access to a central European platform in order to showcase your digitalisation skills, technologies and services
  • Get endorsement for relevant expertise and services

Clients are looking for expertise in the following fields, among others:

Digital business transformation

  • Technical consulting
  • Access to digital technologies
  • Design and implementation of digital solutions
  • Digitalisation assessments and analytics
  • Business process consulting
  • Platforms as a service or access to digital platforms

Technology transformation process

  • Big data analytics
  • Industrial internet of things and factories of the future
  • Intelligent automation
  • Digital manufacturing
  • Smart factories
  • Digital supply chain
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Cyber security
  • Cloud computing

Training: the digital challenge

  • Understand opportunities of the digital transformation
  • Understand business potential of key digital technologies
  • Build capabilities for C-Level managers
  • Create a culture for a digital business
  • Develop skills for the factory of the future

Contact us

Experienced IT solution providers are welcome to contact the L-DIH in order to present their skills/ expertise and discuss a potential collaboration.