L-DIH Platform

The L-DIH is a reliable, neutral platform that helps companies succeed with their digital transformation. Its aim is to contribute to the development of the data-driven economy in Luxembourg by accelerating industry’s integration of digital technologies. This work is fully in line with the objectives of the EU’s Digitising European Industry Initiative and the Digital Europe programme. 

Digital transformation is no longer an option: companies today must resort to digital tools to remain competitive and develop their business. This means not only upgrading in terms of technology, but also in terms of methods, practices and skills, both internally and externally. The DIHs help companies in a given region to access the relevant know-how, methods and software, technology platforms, prototyping solutions and testing facilities.

Matching digitalisation needs and offerings

The L-DIH acts as a national platform bringing together offer and demand in the field of the digitalisation of industry. With a particular focus on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), it facilitates contacts between:

  • Companies looking for digitalisation skills, technologies, services and related support mechanisms
  • Solution providers interested in showcasing the digitalisation skills, technologies and services they can provide in order to meet the needs of industry

 The main tasks of the L-DIH are to:

  • Help companies find the solutions for defining and successfully implementing digitalisation strategies and processes
  • Provide access to digital infrastructure and specific skills in Luxembourg that companies can benefit from, such as HPC, data centres and artificial intelligence
  • Support the implementation of the digital transformation through advice on funding, partner search, etc.