A new L-DIH platform to best serve the industry 4.0 (EN)

“Much more than just a website”

Arnaud Lambert, what is the purpose of this new platform?

“In its mission to help the digital transformation of industrial SMEs, the Luxembourg Digital Innovation Hub is now equipped with a new internet tool that is at the heart of its role as a hub. The aim is to facilitate the connection between needs and skills related to Industry 4.0.”

How is this platform structured?

“The website aims to be a real central point of information, inspiration and engagement.

Information, with a concentration of the most relevant news on the topic of industry 4.0; inspiration, with the sharing of feedback from companies and solution providers; engagement between manufacturers, suppliers, the academic world and funding sources, for everything related to the digital transformation of Luxembourg companies.”

What is its added value?

“It is much more than just a website. This new platform makes it possible both for industrial companies seeking support for their digital transformation and for solution providers to be present and thus facilitate the meeting of demand and supply.

A series of additional services will be added in the coming months, including a dedicated Industry 4.0 training catalogue, digital and cybersecurity assessment tools and technology test facility offers.”

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