How we can help you

Are you looking to accelerate your digital transformation and move towards Industry x.0? We offer a range of services to the Luxembourg industry, especially to the manufacturing ecosystem 


Analyse your digital maturity 

We help you evaluate at what level of digital maturity you currently are in order to determine how we can best support your digital transformationWe offer: 


  • A light Digital Maturity Assessment to determine your current digital maturity level and lay the foundations for your digital transformation journey. 

New service under development (if it is of interest to your organisation, feel free to contact us in order to test it):

  • A full Digital Maturity Assessmenttailored to the manufacturing industry, which will help your company’s long-term digital transformation strategy. 


Assess your cybersecurity readiness 

We help you get a clear understanding of what cybersecurity risks your company is exposed to and what you can do to protect yourself against them. We offer: 


  • light Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment aimed at helping you draw up a roadmap for enhancing your cybersecurity. 

  • AIn-depth Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment aimed at discovering vulnerabilities and flaws that might be exploited by external or internal attackers. 


Boost the digital skills of your teams 

We help you make sure that your company stays competitive by identifying the relevant digital skills and Industry x.0 training programmes for your team members. We offer: 


  • Awareness-raising sessions on the digital training offer available in Luxembourg. 

  • Digital Skills Maturity Assessment giving you insights into the digital readiness of your staff and providing input for the development of a training plan for your company’s future digital transformation.  

  • Guidance to develop a company-specific training roadmap based on the company’s current skills level and the future direction.  

  • Workshops to design content input for new training courses on digital transformation in order to fill current gaps in the market 


Test before investing in digital technologies 

We help you work with L-DIH partners to test new digital tools and make sure that they fully fit your requirements before investing. We offer: 


  • Awareness-raising sessions on digital technology testing opportunities and facilities. 

  • Generic testing opportunities of advanced technologies in the form of hands-on workshops. 

  • Customised digital technology testing for a limited amount of time before making any kind of binding commitment. 


Learn about funding opportunities 

We help you get an overview of funding measures that that will help you implement your R&D and innovation projects focused on digitalisation. We offer: 


  • Awareness-raising sessions on public and private funding measures, notably including national R&D and innovation funding and programmes such as Horizon Europe and the Digital Europe Programme. We will also guide you to the most relevant funding measures. 


Get to know the ecosystem and find partners 

We help you connect with partners and service providers that can offer the digital skills, services and expertise that you will need to succeed with your digital transformation journey. We offer: 


  • Webinars and events presenting technologiesservices and solutions as well as players active in the digital transformation of the manufacturing sector. 

  • Access to the Digital Innovation Hub Marketplace, which offers you a single access to companies and research organisations that offer digital technologies, skills and services. 

  • Matchmaking sessions where you can meet potential partners in Luxembourg, the Greater Region and Europe. 

The work of the Luxembourg Digital Innovation Hub is financed by the European Commission (50%) and the Ministry of the Economy (50%)All services are available free of charge to Luxembourg industrial companies.