L-DIH’s 2024 event lineup for your digital transformation

Webinars, tours, and workshops: The Luxembourg Digital Innovation Hub (L-DIH) hosts activities year-round for large manufacturers and SMEs to accelerate their digital transformation.

As part of its mission, L-DIH consortium members—comprising Luxinnovation, the Luxembourg House of Cybersecurity, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), the University of Luxembourg, and the University of Luxembourg Competence Centre—offer a range of insightful webinars, immersive tours and hands-on workshops throughout the year.

These activities empower manufacturers of all sizes to accelerate their digital transformation and cover a variety of areas that are pertinent to the modern industrial landscape. They also serve as a means to discover industry best practices, cutting-edge technologies, digital solution providers, and other crucial tools and expertise that manufacturers require to get their digital transformation projects off the ground.

Below are key L-DIH activities in 2024 to watch out for and take part in as a member of the Luxembourg manufacturing ecosystem.

L-DIH Talks 

This is a series of webinars targeting industrial companies in Luxembourg. Hosted by Luxinnovation, each episode, enriched with insights from experts and real-world examples, unravels multiple digitalisation topics, and offers a platform for the ecosystem to share their experiences and discuss solutions.

Six L-DIH Talks episodes are planned for 2024, starting in early May and occurring every six weeks. It covers topics such as cybersecurity, OT/IT integration, low-code and no-code development platforms, artificial intelligence and data management for enhanced production, smart and sustainable manufacturing using emerging technologies, and many more. Registration and a call for speakers is open.

L-DIH Tech Talks

Tech Talks hosted by LIST will keep you up to date on discussions around data analytics, robotics and other critical areas to gain a competitive edge. In May, a workshop on how to create data-driven models for predictive maintenance in manufacturing will be organised. This approach helps to reduce downtime, save costs, increase equipment lifespan, among many other advantages.


L-DIH on Tour  

The L-DIH on Tour initiative launched in 2021 facilitates the adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies by bringing digital transformation to the doorstop of companies. Like in previous edition, its fourth iteration in September will see the famous bright yellow tour bus stop at different hosting companies and institutions across Luxembourg. Over several days, it attracts interested parties to industrial zones in Luxembourg for factory tours, trainings, business matchmaking and other exchanges at a central location where its bus is stationed. Companies use this opportunity to explore emerging solutions and discuss the technological and human-centric aspects of the digital transformation.

L-DIH Skills

To upgrade the digital skills of manufacturing professionals, the L-DIH through the University of Luxembourg and the University of Luxembourg Competence Centre offers targeted trainings to level up the manufacturing workforce's capabilities. Its 2024 digital skills training catalogue pinpoints over 80 relevant industry 4.0/5.0 training programmes available across Luxembourg and the Greater Region.

Apart from these programmes, L-DIH provides several individualised services to businesses who need help with their digital transformation endeavours. These consist of cybersecurity evaluations, digital roadmap support, technology testing, initial and advanced digital maturity assessments, and others.

If you need assistance or would like more information, get in touch with the team. L-DIH events are also a great way to establish contact with the team and discover the various services that can support your digital transformation.

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