L-DIH Talks 24': Episode 1 I Manufacturing operational excellence: Advanced planning

Advanced planning can significantly boost the operational excellence of a manufacturing company. It introduces efficiency, flexibility and optimisation across various aspects of its operations, makes it easier to meet customer demands and expectations, minimises lead times, and much more.


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This webinar will highlight what is truly achievable by adopting advanced scheduling.

We will present real-world use cases with concrete results in terms of streamlining processes and providing competitive advantages and uncover strategies, methodologies and tools that can enhance your operational efficiency and profitability.

Key topics covered

  • Optimising production efficiency
  • Minimising lead times
  • Improved resource utilisation
  • Meeting customer demand
  • Full visibility in planning
  • Reducing downtime
  • Enhanced quality control


  • François Styga, Partner - TrAxxion S.A
  • Amandine Gillet, Partner - Deloitte
  • Benny Mantin, Professor of logistics and supply chain management - Uni.lu
  • Sri Kolla, Postdoctoral Researcher - Uni.lu


11:00 - 12:00