SuperComputing & Quantum Computing (EN)

SuperComputing solutions are in use in real business applications here in Luxembourg. Governments are investing billions in SuperComputing systems, making them accessible to the business world and they are also investing in the research of next generation which is Quantum Computing.

While applications for SuperComputing are tangible, from banking to healthcare where we already see its impact in real-world scenarios, Quantum Computing is still at its infancy but it is expected to be a game changer. 

What are the challenges and opportunities from a business perspective and what actions do we need to take to avoid being taken off guard?
To answer all of those questions, Deloitte and the Luxembourg National Competence Centre in SuperComputing  are very pleased to invite you to attend their event on SuperComputing and Quantum Computing.


17:00 – 18:30

Auditorium - Deloitte Luxembourg, 20 Boulevard de Kockelscheuer, L-1821 Luxembourg