Cebi, SnT and Datathings are joining their forces to extract value from manufacturing lines data

In 2017, the Cebi Group decided to initiate a large and ambitious Industry 4.0 project in partnership with the SnT (University of Luxembourg) and DataThings to take on the challenge of data extraction and live-analytics of various set of data to be captured from unconnected and heterogeneous production lines in view to leverage and enable relevant actions that will improve the production yield and quality of the manufacturing.

This partnership has led to the creation of a live monitoring solution, fed by heterogeneous data coming from all the manufacturing lines, thanks to a value-formoney and made-to-measure retrofitting of the latter. 

The platform also has the ability to run machine learning algorithms based on historical data in view to forecast the production yield of machine tools thanks to all historical data captured since the beginning of the project.

The results are there: risk reduction (less machine downtime, reduced stress for operational teams), faster decision making, reduction of new production line start-up timeā€¦ to name just a few of the benefits brought by the project.