L-DIH Talks I Episode 5: Human centric digitization: the Employee Experience

Industry 4.0 means digitization, which means job losses. Not quite. Let’s learn from our panelists about the true impact of digitization on employees.

Digital transformation is key for companies wishing to embrace the benefits of industry 4.0. But what does that mean exactly?

In order to answer that question, the Luxembourg Digital Innovation Hub (L-DIH) is launching a second series of its popular L-DIH Talks. From March to November, we invite you to join 7 webinars that will address the digital transformation journey, from the customer experience all the way to supplier management.

We will look at digital media trends that impact digital transformation plans and review the potential of the latest technologies. Most importantly, companies will share practical experience from their own digital transformation process as a source of inspiration and inside knowledge.

Topics that will be covered

  • Elearning: upskilling – cross skilling potentials
  • Mobiles and digital tools impact on employees productivity and satisfaction
  • Generation transitions – is industry 4.0 helping?
  • Is digitization attracting young talents in the industry?
  • Experience vs data in production lines – who is right?

Guest speaker: 

  • Matthieu Cisowski, Head of Human Ressources Luxembourg - Ceratizit
  • Laurent Peusch, Head of employer services - ADEM