Rapid IOT prototyping

Workshop Rapid IOT prototyping  LIST Maison de l'Innovation Belval 

Rapid IoT Prototyping
In this 4-to-6 hours hands-on workshop, participants will get an introduction to IoT coding, as well as get the opportunity to prototype their own IoT solution for their business, guided by expert trainers from the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST). 


  • Raise awareness of IoT opportunities for the manufacturing industry 
  • Demystify the basics of IoT coding logic & MQTT standard 
  • Imagine a solution for your business  


  • 5 Steps to IoT Coding: Discover the basics and logic of IoT coding through hands-on onboarding and & electronics basics 
  • Mini-Hackathon: In groups, imagine a digitalisation solution for your business 
  • Presentation: Pitch your solution to your peers 

Coding IoT with Kniwwelino: a child's play  
The Kniwwelino contains a circuit board based on the Arduino and Wi-Fi technologies. Its environment is composed of a free and playful visual interface, a tangible IoT device, coding and electronic kits including many sensors (for temperature, humidity, proximity, and more) and actuators (buzzers, LEDs, and buttons). 

Practical Information
Languages : FR, EN and DE 
Trainers : Christian Moll & Laurence Johannsen 
No level requirements 


09:00 - 14:00

LIST 5 Av. des Hauts-Fourneaux, 4362 Esch-Belval Esch-sur-Alzette