Luxembourg National Data Service: Launching responsible re-use of public data


This event was the opportunity to feature demonstrations of value creation from public sector data, involvement at national and European level, as well as a possibility to get to know the services of LNDS first-hand.

Luxembourg National Data Service (LNDS), an organisation initiated to support secondary use of public sector data hosted its inaugural launch event on 4. December 2023.

Supporting public and private sector organisations to re-use data, LNDS’s objective is to make data more accessible, faster, in order to solve data challenges together and in the most compliant and trustable way. The full control of data remains with the data provider. 

LNDS strives for a positive impact though data: for society, the economy, and the environment.

«Making impact in Luxembourg» 

“LNDS is created by the Luxembourg government, to implement national strategies in research, innovation, and digitalisation. We expect LNDS to make impact here locally in Luxembourg, and we expect LNDS to participate in the international economy, supporting European data spaces, and creating export opportunities for the Luxembourgish innovation and research ecosystem,” explained Minister for Research and Higher Education and Minister for Digitalisation, St├ęphanie Obertin.
The LNDS service portfolio includes know-how, capabilities, tools, infrastructure, and data services. Through efficient and responsible use of data and improving the secondary use of data, LNDS will support the acceleration of economic, ecological, and societal transitions.

“Our mission, is to support research, innovation, and policy making with high quality data,” CEO of LNDS, Bert Verdonck, pointed out. “Our purpose, is to enable value creation with data, for both public research and private actors.” 

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