Be All Industry (EN)

A deep digital revolution is ongoing. And there is no going back! The whole industrial and manufacturing sector is now committing to improving B2B customer experiences whether it concerns eCommerce issues, content platforms or international deployment. 

Smile, the European leader in open source solutions and its main partners are happy to invite you to join Be All [Industry], a series of webinars dedicated to those who live and make this new digital revolution within industries. Feedback and business cases by Renault, Sonepar, Igual, Somfy, EQT Partners, The PVG Group, Groupe Atlantic and Schneider Electric!


  • [FR] SOMFY: How can digital technology significantly reduce phone calls and process thousands of small installers' orders?
  • [FR] RENAULT: How to make eCommerce an essential lever to the "Renolution" in motion and accelerate the D2C strategy of acquisition and customer loyalty?
  • [ENG] SONEPAR: How does Sonepar combine B2B eCommerce presence while maintaining the specific identity of nearly 100 brands in 40 countries?
  • [ENG] EQT PARTNERS: how to support stakeholders in the industrial sector in their digital transformation when you are an investment fund?
  • [FR] IGUAL: How a B2B eCommerce platform helps manage sales processes and increase turnover?
  • [ENG] THE PVG GROUP: How does a B2B2C brand create intimacy and added value to its’ resellers and their end-customers with a digital strategy?
  • [ENG] SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC: Sharing knowledge and digital best practices within the R&D community
  • [ENG] AKENEO: Why Product Experience matters for B2B and Manufacturers?
  • [ENG] AWS: How industry & manufacturing can drive new revenue streams?

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