Episode 3 | Transforming data into information (1/3): Good practises on data collection and the appropriate use of IoT devices and related standards

This webinar will demonstrate real examples of data capturing architectures including accessible and affordable tools to collect data such as sensors, internet of things (IoT)/industrial internet of things (IIoT) devices, control systems, data acquisition systems, industrial communication protocols and certain computer hardware and software components.

Speakers will provide insights into:

  • How to set up performing data capturing systems including the overall architecture, data structure and methodology
  • How to improve specific production processes using the latest IoT/IIoT devices
  • How to normalize data deriving from multiple sources

We will provide expert insights into the critical factors for selecting the right IoT/IIoT devices and standards for your operations.

Topics to be addressed

  • Data lakes & mining
  • Industrial IoT/IIoT devices and gateways
  • Energy Management
  • Smart sensors
  • Control systems
  • Industrial protocols
  • Open platform communications unified architecture (OPC UA)


  • Joachim Clemens-Stolbrink, Senior Advisor Digital transformation - Luxinnovation
  • Philippe Mack, Founder & Chief Business Development Office - PEPITe
  • Thomas Merzkirch, Manager of Portal Solutions - AIO
  • Jérémy Robert, Digital Technology Specialist - Cebi


11:00 - 12:00