AI Act: For (Truly) Responsible AI

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As part of our mission in the Luxembourg Digital Innovation Hub, we have the pleasure to invite you to an online webinar about “AI Act: For (Truly) Responsible AI “. The webinar is free, open to all and it will take place online on 23 April 2024 from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.


The AI Act is becoming a must in the professional landscape, affecting all sectors within organizations, from research and development to marketing, human resources management, regulatory compliance, legal, etc.  This webinar will explore the practical implications of the regulation and how it can influence innovation. Will in particular be addressed the integration of the principles of the AI Act into a company’s strategy for more ethical AI. Beyond the examination of the legal aspects, concrete practical cases will be discussed, offering tangible perspectives on the application of these principles in your daily professional life.


  • What type of activities can be impacted by the AI Act?
  • What questions to ask yourself (and when)?
  • How can we make the AI Act a pillar of responsible innovation?
  • Is it possible to operationalize ethics?


  • Mona Chammas, Founding Lawyer of Govern & Law
  • Nicolas Swiatek, Head of Legal, Compliance & Sustainability at Mateco Holding