Digital Learning Hub (DLH) - New Courses Announcement


The DLH offers short term trainings in various fields of IT like coding, cybersecurity, data, AI, governance, IT administration, cloud, design thinking, AR/VR, and blockchain. All courses are open to everybody of adult age without mandatory pre-requisites.

Since Digital Learning Hub (DLH) opened its doors in May 2022, it has offered over 300 courses and welcomed over 2000 learners.

Some of the featured trainings are on ChatGPT and prompt engineering, CCNA networking basics at the new NetLab, low-code/no-code for developing software without coding, essential on user experiences (UX) and digital design, journey through the variety of cloud technologies, e-Facturation in Luxembourg, design thinking and digital product design, DevOps, as well as advanced topics like Powershell, DNSSEC, Identity management, multi-factor authentication, data analysis and machine learning. And even trainings on the new emerging field of quantum communications.

Last but not least, 42 will be starting the first Piscine in November 2023. This free coding school allows you to learn the A to Z of becoming a software developer and to get all the tools necessary to make it in today’s job market. Apply now to secure your spot.

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